About Me

I approach physical and psychological problems from a holistic perspective. Adopting the Eastern philosophy, the mind is embodied in the body; and the mind and body coexist as a whole. Physical problems are to be treated as part of the whole system, and mental challenges occur in the field of biological, social and psychological relations. With the Western Science verifying the Eastern approaches in the recent decades, many evidence-based therapies have resulted for example, Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga.


As an experienced practitioner, I believe long-lasting improvements occur when a person is assisted on a psycho-physiological level. I endeavor to provide accessible services to raise the awareness of this approach. The therapies provided here include treatments for: Physical Health, Mental Wellness and Holistic Self-Care. 


Therapy is a helping relationship. My role is to assist your progress towards improvement. Your commitment and participation, along with my skills and experience, will be the foundation for your mind-body wellness.

I have a passion for learning new things and helping people feel better faster. This stemmed from my caring nature and over 20 years work experience at the Women’s Refuge. I have supported people in crisis with a range of mental health issues ranging from stress and depression to panic attacks and trauma. I am a qualified Human Given’s psychotherapist who uses outcomes measures and fast effective researched methods to provide relief as quickly as possible. By taking care of both physical and emotional needs and understanding the mind body connection your can improve your mental wellbeing rapidly. I am passionate about yoga and massage therapies.

Some of my qualifications include:

NLP practitioner

Domestic Abuse Prevention Advocate

Independent Sexual Violence Adviser

Swedish Body massage

Beauty Therapy

200 hours Hot Yoga

50 hours Trapeze Yoga