Love Yoga

Therapeutic yoga is a useful skill to maintain your mind-body health. Physically, it promotes deep breathing, muscle strength, joint flexibility, posture, bone health and circulation. Mentally, it enables you to relax and focus in the present moment, maintaining a quiet state of mind while your body releases the tension. 

Trapeze Yoga, professionally trained in Barcelona at the Yoga Body College. 

Class Schedule:

  • Thurs Hot Yoga 18:30pm (90mins)

  • Sat Trapeze Yoga (60mins)

Venue: St John’s Recreation Centre



  • £75 for 6 week trapeze course no walk ins

  • £70 for block of 10 hot yoga sessions (as and when)

  • £10 per walk in Hot yoga class or £70 block of 10

  • Yoga Nidra (30mins) = £25

  • Yoga instruction to include Yoga Nidra (2hrs) = £70


Yoga Nidra 1:1 private bookings

Yoga Instruction private class 1:1

Group bookings price upon enquiry

Gift vouchers available