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Why people love Yoga Trapez

Updated: Apr 11, 2018

Why people love trapeze yoga

Because we’re a culture of sitting at a desk, hunched over our iphones or ipads our poor spines are constantly compressed which leads to all sorts of back pain – lumbar pain, herniated discs, pinched nerves, etc. Back pain is what led me to learn yoga originally. I started after signing up for a quids in deal for 10

hot yoga sessions at St John’s Recreation Centre and within a couple of years I decided I liked it so much I wanted to teach. I travelled to Koi Samui in Thailand a spent a very intense month training to become a hot yoga instructor. Whilst I was there I was introduced to the yoga trapeze. I only spend a few minutes on one to become totally hooked. The Yoga trapeze helps create natural traction within the spine allowing it to lengthen and pull apart (instead of squishing together like normal).

The power of inversion is amazing and with this yoga trapeze you can combine inversions (where your hips are above your heart) with resistance training and stretching. It helps to increase blood flow, circulation, strengthen muscles and so much more.

Some of the benefits are listed here

  • Instant Spinal Traction: Back pain is an epidemic, and using the Yoga Trapeze, clients can invert gravity and elongate their spine with little-or-no prior yoga experience.

  • Suspension Training: Functional fitness requires pushing, pulling, and holding of weight. In traditional yoga classes, you push and hold your body weight constantly, but it’s very difficult to find pulling motions in classes. Pulling is a crucial movement for back, neck, and upper-body health, and The Yoga Trapeze introduces functional pulling movements in a fun and dynamic way.

  • Flexibility: Aside from inversions, there are also dozens of hip openers, shoulder openers, and hamstring stretches that work amazingly well for flexibility. Using the leverage of the sling, gravity, and suspension, you can practice flexibility training in a whole new way.

  • Deep Backbends: Backbends are some of the most-challenging poses in yoga, and students often get so frustrated that they skip them altogether. On the Yoga Trapeze, you can do passive backbends (just hang and breathe) to open the stiff and stuck areas of your shoulders and thoracic spine.

Our classes are held at St John’s Recreation Centre so if you want to find out more or join a class please contact Lorna Kearney 07797772593 or email


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