Love Kids Yoga

Lorna successfully gained her Foundation Certificate to teach 3-8 year olds with the Little Greene Yoga Foundation. Lorna loves the Little Greene Methodology which engages children in yoga through the use of story- telling.  She is passionate about introducing children to yoga as early as possible as a fun way to develop physical wellbeing and skills in self- regulation.

The children thoroughly enjoy this and it helps them to learn calming techniques and mindfulness. I teach 3-5 and 5-8 year old. 

It’s important for caregivers and educators to provide age-appropriate mindfulness practices for children. Fostering mindfulness through small tools such as pictures, objects, food, simple movements, and music can help them develop their ability focus to attention.


We can tailor the courses and sessions to meet your requirements. We can offer a one off session, however, to make a difference and have a positive impact we recommend a 6 week programme. When you book a six week course we offer 10% discount on the price, as you will see below.


Yoga session 3-5 years, 1 x 30 mins £35

Yoga session 3-5 years 6 x 30 mins £210 – 10% discount £189

Yoga session 5-8 years 1 x 45 mins £52.50

Yoga session 5-8 years 6 x 45 mins

£315 – 10% discount £283.50

For class information or to arrange for Lorna to run sessions in School then email